Concept 2 Rowers

The concept 2 Rower has been the market leader in indoor rowers for many years now, for this reason they’re in almost every single professional athletes training facility, PT studio, commercial gym and CrossFit box around the world.

The number of muscles used makes rowing a huge calorie burner. With rowing, you can achieve superb aerobic fitness and core strength. You will tone your upper and lower body while promoting great joint health through the wide range of motion rowing requires. If you have only a few minutes a day to exercise, the whole body nature of rowing will provide an efficient, effective workout that other exercises simply can’t. The Concept 2 Rower has a small footprint making it ideal for smaller training spaces, they require no power and are very quiet when in use. With the new wireless PM5 monitor you can record all your workouts and training via a USB or mobile device that we help set up.

Rowing works for kids, 100-year-olds, and everyone in between. It works for adaptive athletes, elite athletes, and people who’ve never been athletic before. Whatever your goals or experience, rowing will work for you too.


Seat Height36cm

Weight of Machine

Space Recommended for Use275cm x 122cm
Stored Dimensions64 x 84 x 135cm (H)

Why hire?

We are not your normal hire company, we only hire the best equipment available that has been tested and proven.
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Concept 2 Skierg

You no longer have to wax your skis to benefit from the full-body impact-free workout of Nordic skiing: the SkiErg provides all the aerobic and strength benefits, and is available even when there’s no snow or you can’t get to the trails.
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